So who is Gail Foley?

Gail Foley has a diverse background starting very young, with babysitting, blackberry picking, file clerk, admin assistant, carpenter assistant, telemarketer, advertising rep, time share sales, auto sales, motivational speaker and so much more...but this might give you a glimpse of why she feels qualified to share her many life lessons.

Her passion is to help steer her listeners in the right direction and maybe, in some cases, keep them from jumping prematurely do down the wrong path.  She does it with humor and truly caring and tells it all from her perspective.  She never edits a show, so the blurbs and bleeps are all part of the show.  Sometimes she'll get on a rant, but her favorite thing is to share her own silly mishaps.  Gail thinks she should wear one of those web cams to always capture those silly moments. 

Being a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, and active business woman as the Hey Card Lady for the past 15 years.  Definitely gives her plenty of fuel to keep this show going, now into it's 7th year!  Her business that supports this show is all about supporting and assisting you with taking care of your customers and clients so they stay loyal and send you referrals.  She welcomes you to visit her page and ask for her help any time.  this does re-direct to a business page she markets as an affiliate.