Alzheimer's - NOT Trendy

I address this subject after watching 2 days of the Today Show a segment by Maria Shriver who's father suffered from the disease. Have you ever had a 'hiccup' in your memory, more than just why did I come into this room? We've all had that happen, even my young granddaughter, because we are so busy we never shut our brains down...but I mean a serious brain interruption??? I have and it is terrifying, thankfully I am healthy and okay and it just came from thinking too hard and not concentrating on my task at hand. Multi-tasking is not really the best way to function after all...because our brains can really only focus on one thing at a time. We just switch back and forth and the brain has to interrupt the flow of focus and so it actually takes more time and you get less done in the overall picture of reports, not just my theory. But back to the devastation of Alzheimer's it is destroying not only the brains of the people that are diagnosed, but destroying families in it's wake. My video today is to make more people aware...I cannot imagine the awfulness of not knowing how to dress or bathe myself and having my husband do that for me. And the care givers...prayers for them, too. Take care, and care for one another.