Anger Can Motivate You! @gailfoley

This video is about how I went from being very, very angry at a very discouraging outcome, to realizing I was crippling myself from attaining the abundance I am seeking...

I was just so mad and full of disappointment and so discouraged. I wasn't ready to quit the project I've been working on, but it certainly my anger shut me down. I just didn't give a 'rats patutty' (have no idea where that expression came from, but it fits) about doing anything EVER again to resurrect that project. DONE!

Like I said I had no intentions of quitting, but I've learned when I'm angry (through a previous experience that left me angry for 30 years) to give into the feeling and go through the process and then I can let it go. Unfortunately, most of us have the tendency to chew on our anger and project it at the person or thing that offended us in the first place.

If it's a person or people you're angry at it's like drinking poison and expecting them to die. But what it does instead is eat away at you, me...So I decided after feeling this for a few hours - actually over night, to put on my cd of 'Abraham Hicks - Getting In The Vortex Guided Meditations' and listened to the one on Financial Well Being...

When I heard the words, 'to be abundant, you must feel abundant', it woke me up to just how damaging anger can be. How could I possibly attract abundance in the same energy field as anger...not gonna happen.

So I encourage you to watch my video rant on Anger VS Abundance and maybe it will help you...and then share it to help someone else. We're all in this together, let's make it a happier place just by sharing.