Appreciation! @gailfoley from

Working from home, marketing online and not clocking in every day with a 'job' environment sometimes leaves you wondering if you're making a difference in what you're doing...Have you ever felt that way?

I am so blessed that last night at a Women's group I host every month that I got thee most incredible feedback from several women that this group that will soon be celebrating 2 years is making a difference!

We connect to support each other in business, but it has become so much more. We laugh, we cry, we pray for one another and those in their lives that need support. It is absolutely amazing to me how much we've come to mean to each other! I'm not really surprised when I realize the incredible women we've attracted into our group, but to have one evening that is so powerful in expressing it.

So I've sorta been missing in action working on some upcoming projects that I believe will help so many that work from home, in internet marketing, online marketing, mlmr's, direct sales people. Stay tuned I'll be launching a new podcast presentation very soon!

In the meantime, additional feedback from you on what you would like to learn more about would be most helpful. As much fun as I have doing videos - it's really all about bringing to you something of value that will make a difference for please help me by commenting below on what you need to know more about.