As An Entreprenuer Do You Attend?

As YOUR SUCCESS CONNECTOR, I've gotta ask..Have you ever been in a networking marketing business? Or worked for a company that insisted that you had to attend their company convention/event. You probably are already aware of how important these events can be.

However, if that has never been your path and instead you've gone the independent entrepreneur route has anyone stressed to you the value of attending events relevant to your market? I gotta tell you, big or small, you want to be connecting by going to events, regularly, not just once in a while!

So what do I mean besides embracing Social Media groups that are in your niche market or industry? Well, it means to physically go to an outside the internet event. Why? Oh my goodness, it can make the difference between being successful and not. Just hanging out with your peers, talking the same language, understanding the passion. Listening to speakers that have been there, done that! I have been going to events for at least 15 years. Every single one helped me grow personally as well as professionally. I have life long friends that have moved on to other business interests, but we stay connected and are great sounding boards for each other. We brainstorm and still are very much apart of this same mindset and passion.

And now as I focus on being an entrepreneur, vs an independent sales rep, I find I have to look a little harder to find the right events and lo and behold I find one right in my backyard! Check it out and listen in to my video to see what I am talking about!