Confessions of A Chocoholic

You know, I actually have a couple friends who don't really care for chocolate...the stranger part is they are women??? Confuses me, big time...never knew such a phenomenon existed! Who knew! Anyways, what I want to share with you today, how dangerous multi-tasking with chocolate can be. Now in my confession I have already cleaned up my face and my fingers. However, after filming I glanced down and saw my pants completely 'freckled' with chocolate! Hello! I cannot ever be neat eating my chocolate. For instance, I love ice cream bars coated in dark chocolate and I love them for my late evening many ruined pajamas I cannot tell you. But this video does have an underlying message that you'll have to spend all of 6 minutes and 32 seconds to find out what it is! Now I'm off to dinner with some friends and I can bet there is a chocolate dessert waiting with my name on it. As of January 2014 I have become a podcaster - find me at