Do You Ever Feel Invisible? @gailfoley from:

Wow, it's cloudy outside and my lighting looks like I'm in the fog...but I decided it was more important to share my thoughts than mess with the right shade of colors! Because my subject is very important. It's about caring enough to acknowledge someone! How often have you totally ignored someone thinking nothing of it? How does it feel when you're ignored?

You ever hear the expression 2's company and 3's a crowd? I try to avoid hanging out with 3 people because it always feels like one is left out, its' just not a cozy set up most of the time. Of course, there are exceptions. Today it's about our world online - the text message that gets ignored, the email that gets a reply, the voice mail message that never gets returned. Or you get no likes, shares or comments on your posts.

Have you heard how important the kids are making getting 'likes' on their Instagram accounts? It's a monumental way of being recognized by their peers these days.

But for the most part we've become a very non-responsive society because we're all so busy that we forget that when the dust settles it's all about the people in our life. So I just have to ask you how does it make you feel when no one responds....