Dreams - A Tribute to My Mom! @gailfoley from www.workwithgailfoley.com

Today I woke up with my mother on my mind. She's been gone from this physical world for almost 39 years. It's hard to believe. I still miss her and always will, but she gave me so much in her short 44 years (and 2 days) on this earth. I always thought she was so wise. I have to smile here because now I know it's really all about life experiences that bring wisdom into our souls.

My Mom and Dad had a dream of owning their own business and they did. They were very successful and my brothers (2) and I worked for them from the time we were old enough to file index cards and then when I became an adult I worked in their office for 7 years. I moved away the year after my mom passed, my Dad had moved away and left the company in the hands of my single brother. I was married with 2 little ones...it seemed like the best choice.

Their example of living their dream left a huge impression on me...and in the past 25 years of my life I have made it my mission to help others live theirs...while, of course, living mine. It hasn't been a straight line by any means.

I was a single Mom for many years and lived a very different life than what I had as a kid. I had an awesome childhood, living with a mother and father that were crazy in love with each other and their love overflowed to us. So when I ended up getting a divorce and having to support myself and kids it was a very unique environment I was in...

But my memories of what I had and what I could share with my children remained strong in my heart. So with this video I just want to challenge you...what's your dream? What's your passion? What are you doing to get there? Content just hanging in there until Friday???? It's your only life...it's your choice. Want more information on what I've chosen for my mission? Just go here: www.workwithgailfoley.com