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I have been in the network marketing and direct sales arena for more years than I care to relate...a long time! And the one thing I know is that all of us, that have a passion about what we do, for the most part never feel like we've introduced enough people to what may help them. Whether you are prospecting for customers are you are in the recruiting phase of your business, you need a receptive audience to listen.

So I have created a 'sharing-viral-interview' platform that I know will help make this happen. My God-given talents are a 'gift of gab' and connecting people. So putting those two together I will be inviting people to share their passions via a telephone interview with me. We will share this forthcoming interview with all of our collective contacts, social media, offline connections, you name it!

I will then post that interview recording to my podcast channel, I will do a video review of the call on my blog, adding pertinent information about the company you represent. The video will also get traffic through my YouTube posting...we just share it EVERYWHERE and it will have a permanent residence on my blog so you can refer people there over and over, or just send the recorded link.

I am so excited to help YOU grow your business. I will send you the interview sheet a week in advance and that gives each of us plenty of time to get the word out there. Promote your products, make a special offer, share your opportunity, whatever you need, just let your listeners know.

There are so many different businesses out there that I truly believe this is a platform that will inform people through a personal 3-party endorsement. Sometimes people have no clue on what really would be a passion for them...until they hear you, sharing yours.

I invite you to go to my blog page and register to get updates on the interviews and occasionally I might send out other information that I think you might like to hear.

Just go to: and you'll see a wild eyed owl looking out at you,
click there and a registration form will pop up. And if you would like to be added to the schedule - please check the box. We'll start with one a week and go from there!

Let's start a viral sharing like no one on the net has ever seen! Let's help everyone prosper and turn this world upside down and back again to be a positive, vibrating energy of wealth and abundance, in spirit and beyond.