Grow Your Business With 20 Expert Tips

I just got another great way to help you grow your business. It's called the Business Strategy Expo. You can go to my page at and hear the podcast and find the link to the 20 experts that share their tips and free gifts. This is time sensitive though so don't put it off. If you just want to go to the registration page and don't want to hear my podcast, fine, here's that link:

But in all seriousness, no matter how you get them, please accept these incredible gifts Lesa Townsend has gathered together for you. All very pertinent subjects and very knowledgeable presenters and did I mention, I'm one of the experts? I am thrilled.

Speaking of being thrilled, you have to listen in tomorrow and hear me interview Dr. Craig Nathanson, author, speaker, coach and passionate about helping people find their purpose in mid-life. That is tomorrow on Noon CST.