Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family!

Wow, can you believe it! I can't, but it is true, tomorrow here in the states we will be celebrating our traditional Turkey Day! I exercised extra hard today and will do so tomorrow - no turkey is goin' get's its fat on me! Okay TMI right!

But what I want to share with you today is the fun you can have this holiday, inspite of maybe that obnoxious, rude, over boisterous, bragging relative or two...be grateful. In your mind just go over all the things you are grateful for. If it means closing your eyes and taking a deep breath or excusing yourself and going outside...that's better than feeding into commotion.

Ellen DeGeneres said it well on her show last week - forgive last year's stuff and enjoy this year's! It seems like most families have someone that brings in tension and stress, but just grab another piece of pie and let it slip onto their face...oops, no I'm sorry I really didn't mean to suggest that. However, that's a great mental image if you need one!

I'm going wrap this up as my mind wonders too far astray and say thank you for being in my life, thank you for watching this video and have an absolutely over the top celebration with your friends and family. And for those of you that might not be near anyone, maybe this is the year you help give back by feeding the homeless :-)

P.S. Thank you to my friend that sent me this card this is my thumbnail shot for the day!