Hot Pink Smiles For You I love hot pink and just thought I would share my ideas for a National Hot Pink Day - but it's been done! June 23rd and is also associated with the Breast Cancer pink ribbon brand - but it's a fabulous fun color so let's keep talking about it!

Because I also share with you that buying a hot pink hat will protect your face and neck from sun exposure. This particular hat Panama Jack brand has like 96% UV protection! The rest of the body, of course, would require sun screen.

And, my tip, is all about being aware of any meds you might be taking that references you could be more sensitive to sun exposure. And guess what, I am on a med (grrr) that has that and I started noticing little red spots on my hands and arms after walking outside!

Hence, my alert and warning and tip to you - check your meds, buy a great hat - your favorite color and have an AWESOME day. Oh, and of course, pass on that smile!