How To Grow Your Business Thru Effective Connecting - Tip 2 Cont'd

Yep, I had to make it a 2-parter 'cause I just can't get it all in the short time frame my mentor/coach suggested! So this one picks up where I left off.

So Part 2 of Tip 2: The goal is not to collect the most business cards, that simply makes you a collector of business cards, but to meet the right people and collect the pertinent information that will lead you to opening the door to a relationship and connecting again.

When I do meet someone and get their business card because I want to stay connected with that person I will follow up...but that's a whole nother series. So keep staying tuned by registering at or my YouTube Channel right here.

And thanks in advance for sharing this with all the people you know in business that just might benefit from a tip or two.