How you do anything is how you do everything.

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Have you ever had to break a promise, or chose to break a promise? How did it make you feel? always broke my heart if for some reason I couldn't keep that promise.
And, if that was a promise I made to myself, it was a devastating letdown. Why? Because when you let yourself down there is no harsher critic than the face you see in the mirror every day...

Today, life experience has taught me to never make a promise I couldn't keep, especially to myself. Because if you break a promise you made to yourself, what keeps you from breaking a promise to someone else?

I've recently heard the expression, if you want to be a leader you first have to lead I believe the mantra I have adopted as of late, "How you do anything is how you do everything" speaks volume to what keeping a promise really represents.

The word integrity comes to mind. If you're following a leader or leaders, do you want to follow someone with integrity, someone that keeps their promise, someone that walks their talk? If you want to be a leader, you want to become the leader you would want to follow.

I am fortune to have many incredible leaders in my life that mentor me with their wisdom, their integrity and the promises they always keep. I watch how they do everything and know that's how they will do anything...

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