I LOVE Chocolate!

True confession I am a confirmed 'chocoholic', yes I am! So when Robyn Rice Foster showed up in Linked In as a Master Chocolatier and company La Parisianne du Chocolat I wasted no time in getting her to come on my podcast for an interview!

Robyn Rice Foster blends love and a great appreciation of chocolate to create handcrafted, exquisite, silk, rich, sensuous and decadent chocolates for those who expect nothing less than perfection. La Parisianne has been creating artesian chocolates since 2007.

So I share with you how my tastebuds react on this video :-) And then you have to listen in tomorrow to hear her story. On TheGailFoleyShow at NOON CST http://youtu.be/YX5Y4LH_OzM