It's The Christmas Card Season! @gailfoley from

This is the funnest time of year for people that love sending cards. It doesn't matter if they're wonderful religious cards, funny cards, family picture cards - it just matters that you get them in the mail on time...which we are suggesting December 14, just to make sure they arrive before Santa!

Now, my daughter who is a professional organizer and does not have time before the holiday to do them for herself, since she is decorating and sending for her clients, she opts to send a very special Happy New Year card! Very cool, indeed, first card of the year is a very smart marketing approach...

Although, I do caution, no logos, no discounted offers, no business cards inserted. Just your genuine message of appreciation and happy celebration. That's it! Otherwise your Christmas card looks and feels like an advertisement and gets tossed - any that show up for me go in the round file called a waste basket! So please remember, gratitude is the message :-)

So if you go to my website: and go to the "Appreciation Marketing" page you will have access to a free card using the system, Send Out Cards that I have represented for 8 years! Now I'm off to send my cards on the 12th!

Have an over the top day and the best Holiday EVER!!!