"Keyword Research"

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"Keyword Research" is easy to do with Google AdWords which is free to use, or there are some incredible tools that you can use that up your results BIG time! Is this still a big question mark in your mind? Do you scratch your head over the phrase "keyword research"? Do you wonder why you're not getting sales even though you're doing your marketing consistently?

Well, that's where I have been for a long time. I know I need to get traffic in order to grow my business, but I pretty much ignored people when they said I needed to focus on keywords. What!???

I really did not understand the importance of this until I got Rob Fore's "Posting On Purpose For Profit" and then I had a 'light bulb' moment - and it came with a big 'ahh'.
Why, because I am a "keyword research" junkie and didn't even know it!

Every time I want to learn something or find something, what do I do? I go to "Google" which is my favorite search engine, but I've learned there are many others - but regardless, that's where it all starts. In the 'search' bar you enter what you are looking for. These are in fact, keywords! Yes, they are. For example, if you were looking for a local restaurant you would enter the name of the place or the type of food and when they pop up it will be in the order of their keyword implementation.

Yep, it's true, you can find it all in Rob's course - here's my affiliate link for that, if you need it: http://bit.ly/10xV7zs

So I hope, I've helped clarify for you that if you are doing any kind of internet business or an offline business advertising online - doesn't matter, the key IS 'keyword research" to attract traffic. The people that are looking for you will put in certain keywords, you have to do your homework to find what you need to put in your marketing material to make sure you show up when they enter those words.

Starting to make sense?? I hope so. And always, let me leave you with a smile and ask you to pass one on, too!

And please don't go another day without implementing this. I waited months after learning there was a course to help me, silly me. Just go to this site and look at Rob's information, you'll be glad you did. Right here: http://bit.ly/10xV7zs