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When you learn, how do you prefer to learn? Mentors vs do it yourself. I've experienced both and believe you me, finding someone to follow, playing follow the leader - the BEST way to go! My story is very short on this video because I know your time is very valuable. But the process that it took for me to look on my own when I went from years of knowing my trade to learning another one was exhausting and painful.

Fast forward many years later and believing I know what I'm doing since I worked at another resort I didn't ask questions, I did not follow the leaders. And poof, just like that I was taken out of the sales rotation...meaning I was not given an opportunity to make a sale and that's a difficult way to get a commission! Hello!

So I was put into a special training group - I had sold my very first family (timeshare vacation plan), but since I had not sold any more, they thought I needed it. And I am so grateful someone saw my potential and gave me that choice. I had left my family behind in upstate NY to start a whole new life...I really wanted this to work.

So I did the work and went back into the sales force a week later AFTER 5 full days of watching the same training video over and over and over again. But when I took my next family out and followed the training exactly I sold that family, and the next and the next until suddenly I was on the POWER LINE. Ten top sales people that got a tour every single rotation if they were available. I was exhausted by the time Christmas came, but wow I was top sales rep in December!

Moving forward from that time I have always sought after trainers and leaders to follow. I've not only learned what a great shortcut that is to success, but so much more fun. I'm not fond of pain...So take it from me if you want to see who I am mastering my skills after these days - got to my website and check the Resources Link! You'll find them there. And thank you for sharing this with your friends...www.thegailfoleyshow.com