OAC 310 People Come In All Moods!!

https://youtu.be/UEJ7n9ElCyU Wild title, right? First a big shout out to my friend Jane Anderson for commenting that she has missed my show and hopes my life is back on track. Is it ever on track :-)

Anyways, this show talks about our attitudes and other people's attitudes and how it reflects on us personally and professionally. I've shared some of this story with you before, but one of those things that needs repeating.

So listen in and let me know if you get what I'm talking about!

And the book that I refer to is

"How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success In Selling" by Frank Bettger.

This is keeping with my shorter version.

So thank you for listening and of course, I truly love hearing from you.

Passing On A Smile,


P.S. And remember, as a Relationship Marketing Consultant I always encourage you to send gratitude, appreciation and kindness to someone you care about or do business with in a card. And you can get a free account from me at