OAC 330 Words and Memories!


I had written down several subjects to talk about today, but I researched my channel and oops, found out I talked on them way too many times already! Shifted gears - so this is the result!

Do you cherish your little gifts? Those cards and letters that may be collecting dust in a drawer or box somewhere?

Do you re-visit old photos and it stirs your memories? I hope so because I personally love re-visiting precious times through pictures we used to develop. Now they hang out in our phones!

And letters and cards for a lot of people have been replaced by tweets, text messages, emails or nothing at all. But what happens when you discover a letter from someone no longer here? I found a Christmas card from a friend that passed. I put it in a very special place. Her warm message will always be with me.

So if you want to tear up a little over my walk down memory lane - please watch and share :-)

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Passing On A Smile,