OAC 341. You’ve Got The Power with Gratitude!

Wow! It has been a day or two since I've been on here! My last episode was during a lot of commotion and I took a step back and started enjoying things I had long put aside.

But I'm excited to come back with a new series called, "You've Got The Power" because we all do. It just may take a lot to find it and use it. Our ups and downs do not define us, how we work through them and appreciate the lessons we've learned, is what will.

No one listening to me today is the same person you were when you heard me last, in any normal circumstances, but especially in our past year. So I continue to focus on the power of being grateful for this moment. As tough as it may be, you cannot hold a negative thought or feeling while you are feeling or expressing gratitude.

I will be bringing one attribute a week in this series and will be posting the video version on here, plus there will be more short videos regularly on how as a business your gratitude can give your customers a fabulous customer experience! And I no longer have my website. I will have a new podcast channel format, very soon, but you can still find me where you usually do.

This show is made possible by my many years of being the Hey Card Lady and it has never ever been more important than now to express gratitude to others as well. So I am grateful for having many means to share that with you.

I cannot express in words how awesome it makes me feel to see people are still listening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Passing On A Smile - even behind a mask,
Gail Foley