OAC 342 You’ve Got The Power with Kindness

My show notes are very short, because after all it is a YouTube channel right? But today's show is all about how much this world needs more kindness. There are billboards around our town reminding people of that. And I forgot to mention that on my show. My show could go quite a long if I quote all the signs of us needing more kindness towards each other.

So I reflect on 3 articles that I just saw yesterday. Two in our local Sunday paper one under in the Opinion page, by a Judge. The headline "Key to saving our nation is for us to love our neighbors."
I think showing kindness to our neighbors is a great way to love our neighbors, don't you?

Our local long time social columnist headlined her column, "Next time try a handwritten note instead of sending a text". Kindness and caring in a note, card, or a scrap piece of paper and it comes in the mail!!! What a concept!! Nothing new, but something forgotten that we need to renew, revitalize and take a true moment of your time to express something as simple as "Thinking of you." And send it in the mail NOT in a text.

And the last reference from a national publication. "Pen, Paper and Sympathy"...in these emotional times, the simple act of writing a note means so much.

So listen in to hear more of my reflections on how we can show kindness every day, it will spread and blossom to the next person as they receive it. And my own personal perspective, I get a thrill when I receive a card, but I get triple the joy when I send it. Try it - see if that doesn't happen for you, too!

You can find out how I send cards and what makes this show possible at HeyCardLady.com
Just send something today, no matter how you do it. I promise you you will make a difference to someone! Thank you for listening - now go out and pass out a smile, and then put one in a card :-)

Passing on a smile, to you,


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