OAC 344 The Paths We Take!

Thank you for tuning in - once again I've been out of the loop and missing bringing you my messages. First I had 2 weeks of computer re-set issues, which just getting this broadcast done was a challenge with a reset.

And now I'm into my third week of a bronchial virus that has my voice a little bit whacked.

But my message today is all about stepping forward or stepping back depending on what path you're on or where the next one might take you.

I was going to call it "You've Got The Power with Introspection" but that bored me right out of the gate. So I'll just make it up as a go - haven't heard much about the series, so there ya go.

Sometimes we don't necessarily look back with regret, just with a little wonder. What if I had done this instead of that? It's said we should not look back, but sometimes we need to, to know where we're headed next. Every step we take leads our future, ever so slightly. Doesn't have to be a major step. Sometimes the most simple of things can have a huge impact on our lives.

I tell a silly story about a path I almost took and really scratch my head on where this would have taken me.

I say some goofy things on here instead of referring to our awesome trainer by her name, Brenda, I say the woman. I blame it on my froggy voice and foggy brain.

I hope you have an over the top awesome day and weekend.

Passing On A Smile as the Hey Card Lady,


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