Revisiting - My 'Cautionary Tale' @gailfoley

Here's the new version, hopefully with sound all the way. I would have just finished where the sound stopped, but then I would leave other people confused. So I hope it plays all the way through...

If you have any online account like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you will want to watch my video and learn what happened to me on Saturday! I got this email and did not really pay much attention to what it was about...and the next thing I know I am in 'social media warp'!

So I wanted to let you in on how I got so messed up and my account was compromised and then it was co-mingled (silly word) into a double identity type of page! Yikes, you have to listen to what I have to share.

And please share this to help other people. And, also, if you've experienced anything like this yourself, I would absolutely love to hear from you! I was really, really, really in a panic when I wasn't able to fix it. My confusion on how it was happening was over the in the world can two separate user names, emails and profile be on the same page!!!!!!!!!! YIKES.

After about an hour of doing everything I could, I went back to the initial email telling me to change my password! HELLO! Be aware, don't let this happen to you. And to keep updated on all my insights, hit me up on Twitter @gailfoley #gabbingail or visit my site: