Shout Out To Sam Crowley and Kris Gilbertson

I am so grateful that I met Sam Crowley who encouraged me to get started sooner than later with podcasting. When I met him in Nashville in September of 2013 I'd had this idea brewing, but he brought it home for me when he shared from the stage his incredible success story with his brand, Every Day Is Saturday. But when I got home, I had a ton of distractions and financial commitments that kept me putting it off. I studied some of his videos, but still wasn't quite ready.

And then through a friend I was introduced to Kris Gilbertson who I recently found out was one of Sam's students! And so with Sam's encouragement playing over and over again in my head, I started learning more from Kris.

I finally jumped in, and now have 2 great coaches and love the fact that I finally acted upon what a teacher said to me years ago...if I could ever find a way to make money using my 'gift for gab', I'd be rich! So I'm finally taking that advise and found the people that showed me how to use my voice.

I've been lucky to have had many life adventures/careers that I loved and had great passion for, but that's somehow different than feeling you have found your true purpose. I wake up so excited to start my day, it's been years since I have felt that way and wanted them to both know in a bigger way than just a simple post how much I appreciate them!!