So What's A Podcast? Check it out at

Ever want to be a talk show host? I have always wanted to be a talk show host and now I am! And I absolutely love people's excitement when I tell them I'm doing a Podcast now. And then it gets quiet and they look around to make sure no one is listening in and ask, almost in a whisper...'What's a podcast?' So I give this brief explanation, but I still don't think a lot of people quite get it.

So I've given you a very quick overview on this video clip - it can be an audio broadcast or it can be a video. As much as I love doing my videos, I really want to bring value to someone's morning and evening commute, maybe inspire you to live the dream inside of you instead of working for someone else's dream.

So tune in to my channel, you can subscribe at and soon if you are an iTunes subscriber you'll be able to find my show in their Podcast directory! Stay tuned and please share, make comments, connect with me on Twitter @gailfoley #gabbingail And if you have questions - please ask :-)