Super Bowl vs... #gailfoley

Okay, are you going to be attending a Super Bowl party??? What dish are you contributing to the 'tailgate party'? I know it's waaaaaaaay too cold to consider being outside at the game, but none the less, most places I've lived from bitter cold upstate NY to wonderfully mild (when I was there) Virginia everyone hosts or attends a Super Bowl party...even if they aren't into the game...and you know who you are :-)

I know one more thing about this event - it's a food feast, a foodie's delight! So I challenge the term 'Super Bowl' and suggest we consider changing it to 'Super Plate'...

What? You haven't even listened to my position, yet! Never mind. But back to the you put way too much on your plate? And I'm transitioning's not about the food at the party, but the stuff that makes up your life.

I'm not going to pretend I know what you're up against in your personal life's balancing act, but I would like to recommend you take a deep breath and look at your of them being you and your own personal sanity. How can you be the best you can be, to be the best for others in your life? Is it to carve out time for exercise, relaxation, cuddling, caring, laughing, movies, reading, sewing, walking, hiking, riding a bike, swimming...I think you get the picture I'm trying to share with you.

Take a deep breath and look at your 'super plate' it too full? Maybe do a Benjamin Franklin close on yourself - Pros and Cons list - what needs to stay and what needs to go. We have one life on this earth, as I often said when I was selling time share a very old cliche, but so true: "You've got to stop and smell the roses." Today is your day!

So you can start by enjoying the game with friends and family and please share this and like it! You never know when someone else needs to hear a message. Speaking of message - you can also listen in to my new Podcast where I interview business owners and entrepreneurs about their passions.

Passing On A Smile!