Tip No 4 Listen Actively

LISTEN actively. So what does that mean, exactly? It means don't be looking down at your phone, looking over their shoulder to see who you want to go meet next, answering a call, fiddling with your badge, emailing or chatting with someone else. And looking the person in the eye and nodding in response to the answer they just gave you. Do not be thinking ahead about what lunch is or where you have to go next. LISTEN to their answers as if you have to fill out a quiz in response to your conversation.

Because the most important thing you have to do at this time is just that LISTEN. Don't interrupt, please never ever do that. Let them answer the question and hear their answer move you ask another one...think about how you feel when someone interrupts you or overrides the first question before you give an answer! HELLO! Not cool, not connecting.

Thanks so much for sharing these tips, you never know who needs to hear them. http://youtu.be/hbQsEelcHpE