Try vs Intend...what do you say? @gailfoley from:

Do you say "I Try Or Intend to do something?

I am learning from the best in internet marketing and off line marketing through stage presentations, books, etc. And one of the most profound lessons I've learned is the incredible power just one word has over another. Try vs Intend...just try this little exercise for one minute. Think of something you have been wanting to achieve. Do you say "I'll give it a try and see what happens?" That's a pretty normal response, but I don't know about you, but the word normal and my name have never met in a sentence before...I'm anything but normal.

So when I learned that the word 'try' is to make an effort to do or accomplish something - well, just try to lift your arm. Hello! Unless you've had an injury that's really not a big whoopy do accomplishment! So, let's take the same situation that you say "I'll give it a try" and change it up and say "I INTEND to". Do you feel a difference in how it feels to say those 3 words?

You see, I am most grateful and an example of how powerful words are...65 words I repeated over and over in 1988 literally changed my life. And I found them in a book, that turned my life's story from struggling to success. So I understand how powerful you changing it up when you hear yourself say "try" to the words "intend to" can be...

Here's the deal, do not take my word for it, you have to want a change for yourself, if you're content where you are then keep on 'trying' to be successful. Me, I intend to be fully engaged in making this word a habit NOW, not going to 'try' to, I intend to...and that my friend, makes it happen!

And I'm also a big fan of the word NOW! Leaders make decisions NOW they don't a leader?

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