Validation Is Vital

Validation Is Vital. It's simple, people need to know you are following them, people need to hear that you are listening, people need to know you are watching...How awful when someone gives you a blank look when you think you're having a conversation and then don't respond to your question. Yuk, does not feel good!

Have you ever created a video and it says 'no views', doesn't it break your heart that your message never went anywhere? Or the blog you post on every day never gets a comment or a like, more heartbreak...and for me a Podcast Talk Show Host, yep, it hurts!

So when I do meet someone that says they love my interviews, or someone comments and asks if I was speaking to them...OH MY GOODNESS! That's it! That's what keeps me going...

So listen to my podcast show "There Are No Coincidences" to hear my fun experience today! I think it might just speak to you...and please share, like and comment! I would sooooo appreciate it! www.TheGail