Wearing Many Hats! @gailfoley.com from: www.yougottahaveablog.com

Okay - you will notice this video is a wee bit shaky - 'cause I am holding the gizmo that let's me take this video! But the message isn't shaky, it's simple, but very important.

It's about who your are and what you're searching for. A lot of us have had many careers, worn many hats in our life time, I name a few on this video, but a few more, I'm a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a board member...and so on!

The point of my 'wearing many hats' is really simple. It's about no matter what hat you're wearing or how many changes of hats you go through, stand in integrity with who you are. I know many people that have made so many changes in their lives and when they switch gears, they almost become a different person. I challenge you, that no matter, what you choose to do in life, you stay true to who you are.

By always being YOU, when you finally land on your purpose and pursue your dreams in that direction people will support you and champion you. If you don't like being around the phony, aggressive person, then make sure you don't imitate them...Being genuine and sincere in everything you do is what will bring you the most rewards.

Make your decision to step into the hat that best fits you and stay true to your heart.