Whatever It Takes'

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Have you ever been so determined to do something? You wanted to lose 20 pounds, you wanted to qualify for a marathon, you wanted to pass that certification? What kind of effort have you put forth to get there?

Well, our business event in Denver was over the top and so many fabulous things came from it. New friends, new training, new testimonials, new success stories and new thought waves for me!

And it was the comical gesture of Dave Wood that actually evolved into a mantra. Dave and Dave were on stage talking about things and challenging the audience of almost 6,000 affiliates to do 'whatever it takes' to cross the stage at our next event. Right after Dave Wood said that, he added the words, 'that's it...period.'

Now I know it doesn't have near the impact in writing that it did watching him doing that and joining in for the chant, but it is really a very profound and powerful statement, that's it, period. Even my husband who went with me was in the groove and keeps saying that.

Because really, if you desire something, and you set that goal and you plan on having that dream come true...what will you do to achieve it. Will you do, whatever it takes? Will you stop at absolutely nothing to make it happen? Will you do what Nike has based their legacy on and "JUST DO IT"?

I am here to say that I am doing 'WHATEVER IT TAKES...THAT'S IT, PERIOD.'

If you ever wanted to be part of a major movement and want to learn how to lead others to their dreams, that's what this is all about. Doesn't matter whether you sell our products or your own, or another companies...if you have a dream and a huge desire to succeed, our leaders will show you the way.

That's it, period! Have a fabulous life and go get those dreams!

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