Why Can't I Sleep?

http://clixtrac.com/goto/?123002 Why can't I sleep? This has been an ongoing problem for me for a few years - 5 to be exact! I thought the reason was my life shifting changes thanks to Mama Nature. However, upon moving into our new home and creating different sleeping arrangements I quickly learned 'why I can't sleep' was my constant dilemma... It wasn't me after all. It was my husband's snoring, then sleep Apnea machine! I started to sleep like a baby when we moved into our new home...until now. Now I can't sleep because I am so over the top excited about my life! I am learning how to do video marketing, I am involved with an incredible, brilliant team of leaders and growing a fabulous new internet marketing business! So I can't sleep now because I keep having to get up and add to my lists of things I want to do! My creativity that apparently has been dormant for awhile is finally awake and ironically is causing me not to sleep! What a twist of ironies! But I am so loving it, that it doesn't matter. I get up add to my list, get a lot of exercise in going back and forth to where my pad is. I know, it was on my nightstand and I moved it. Duh! But I function on 4 hours sleep because I am so driven and so excited about my future. So I have to ask you, what is keeping you up at night? Are you asking yourself 'why can't I sleep'? But you know the answer is you're worried about money problems, kids, spouses, houses, hating your boss, wanting to travel, dreaming about a better life...I invite you to do yourself a favor and click on my link for more information about what has me excited. It's free to look - maybe it will show you a solution...so that when you ask that question again...your answer will be one of excitement and anticipation of what your future holds. http://clixtrac.com/goto/?123002