Words - what do yours say about you?

Here's the link I mention in my video: http://www.joingailfoley.com

I was just on a very powerful call with one of our leaders and mentors and was blown away by the continuing theme of the 'power of words'...something I can attest to personally.

My story of 'words' started on July 20, 1988 when I wrote out a simple 65 phrase and read it multiple times during the day for 30 days. It changed my life, profoundly. In fact, my story is featured in a book, "A Journey Within: Self-Discovery For Women". My chapter is called "Stop The Ride! Taming The Emotional Roller Coaster."

So I am a true believer in how different words can affect things. For just one example - maybe vs definitely. I have to laugh at this because I have been using the word 'maybe' quite often when I've suggested to you 'maybe' you should take a look at what I'm doing.

Well, no more, pardner! It's you definitely deserve (need vs deserve) to click on my link, and get started following all these amazing leaders and the wisdom we get to tap into! And become a leader yourself, we are in all ways a 'LEADER FACTORY!'

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